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There was a related question but I think it's for an older version of thor because it does not work anymore.

Basically the situation is I have a thor class. This class has many standard thor commands. What I wanted to do was break out the logic of those commands into other classes so I can test the code easier.

So I created a Command class that does not inherit from thor. It looks something like this:


class Command
  include Thor::Base
  include Thor::Actions

  # initializer has only a few arguments, all app specific and not related to thor

  def foo
    run 'which ps'

When I run foo from my main thor class the output is nothing at all, it's empty. Here's the main thor class:


require 'thor'

class CLI < Thor
  def hello
    require 'command'

If I cut the code from foo and place it into hello and move the include Thor::Actions into the main thor class then it works.

Both files are really name spaced under the same module but I removed that from the code examples here to minimize cruft.

How can I get this to work so I can use all of the action module's methods in a non-thor class?

I tried messing around with source/destinations roots and destination stack which was in the related question but they don't work anymore it seems.

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