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<form id="submit-form" method="post" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    print "<b>calendar:</b><br/>";
    $dateField1 = new dateField($format,"date1",$img);
    print "value:" . $dateField1->makeDateField();      
    <input type="text" class="span3" name="dateField1" tabindex="2" value="php code" />

I want to make that value in php script ... be related to the value of the input form html
I tried so many ways ,but not implemented , please help

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This question appears to be off-topic because "but not work" is not a problem description. –  PeeHaa Feb 16 at 0:03
@PeeHaa just because something is not working doesn't mean the question is off topic, people ask questions about things not working all the time –  Josh Engelsma Feb 16 at 0:05
Yeah that's the reason SO is becoming the next "debug meh codez for meeee" site instead of a decent resource. –  PeeHaa Feb 16 at 0:06
PHP doesn't have a dateField object, for as far as I know. Show us that code too please –  GroundZero Feb 16 at 0:11

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print "... value="'.$dateField1'" ... " />

Recheck this part, especially the quotes and the escaping

print "... ";
/* escaping a variable, this is actually not needed when using double quotes */
print "..." . $abc . "...";
print "... $abc ... ";
print '...' . $abc . '...';
/* escaping a var, but enclosing it in single quotes in the result code */
print "... abc='" . $def . "' ...";

For as far as I can see and derive from your comments below, you are using some kind of dateField object. This object contains some data and you're trying to use its value.
The data you enter in the value-tag of the input-field must be a String. But you are trying to put an Object in there. You must extract the value-data from the dateField-Object

This is a complete guess. But I have no info from you to work on...

I assume you classes/dateField.class.php looks something like this:

class dateField {
    function __contruct($format,$name,$img) {
        // ...

    function setTitles($daysOfTheWeek,$months,$format_title) {
        // ...

    function setCssClasses($cssClasses) {
        // ...

    function makeDateField() {
        // ...

Now you need to fill in these blanks:

  • What does makeDateField() do?
    Does it return the HTML-code for a Date Field?
    Does it return a value (single value or array)?
  • Is there some method that returns the value?
    E.g. function getDate() or something similar?
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I write this code, and shows me this error "Catchable fatal error: Object of class dateField Could not be converted to string in 'This line' print '<input type =" text "class =" span3 "name =" dateField1 "value = '. $ dateField1.' /> '; " –  user3314763 Feb 16 at 11:01
<form id="submit-form" method="post" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <label>dateField1</label> <?php include("config.php"); include("classes/dateField.class.php"); //datefield 1 print "<b>Normal calendar:</b><br/>"; $dateField1 = new dateField($format,"date1",$img); $dateField1->setTitles($arr_daysOfTheWeek,$arr_months,$format_title); $dateField1->setCssClasses($arr_cssClasses); print "valabil:" . $dateField1->makeDateField(); print '<input type="text" class="span3" name="dateField1" value='.$dateField1.' />'; ?> </form> –  user3314763 Feb 16 at 11:06
@user3314763 Put that code in your question. That'll be much easier to read and debug. Also add the code of the dateField Object. I edited my answer, I hope it helps –  GroundZero Feb 16 at 17:20
and how to implement " input-field must be a String " in my script? I do not know programming –  user3314763 Feb 16 at 17:36
i wrote this code echo "<input type=text class=span3 name=dateField1 value='".htmlspecialchars($dateField1, ENT_QUOTES)."' >"; and says:Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in –  user3314763 Feb 16 at 18:30

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