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i'm creating a dialog that finds out what is focused element. that's what i wrote:

import gtk
import gobject

class FocusedElementPath(gtk.Dialog): 
    def __init__(self, parent, title=None):
        gtk.Dialog.__init__(self, title or 'Show path', parent)

        self.catch_within = parent      
        self.catch_focus = True

        self.add_button(gtk.STOCK_OK, gtk.RESPONSE_OK)

        again_btn = gtk.Button('',gtk.STOCK_REFRESH)
        again_btn.connect('activate', self.refresh_pressed)


        self.add_button(gtk.STOCK_CANCEL, gtk.RESPONSE_CANCEL)

        self.path = gtk.Label()


    def refresh_pressed(self, btn): 
        self.catch_focus = True

    def do_focus_out_event(self, evt):
        nl = self.catch_within.get_focus() 
        if nl:
        gtk.Dialog.on_focus_event(self, evt)


the problem is it returns previously focused element. is there any way to find out currently focused element? i've tried different events (for dialog and for window), but nothing helped :( what am i doing wrong or how do i do this correctly?

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gtk.Window.get_focus (also available in gtk.Dialog) will return the currently focused child.

Anyway I don't quite understand what you want to achieve here...

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i want to find out parent windows focused element – Daniel Feb 1 '10 at 22:55

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