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I'm using python.el If I choose 'debugger' from the menu, and enter 'python -m pdb myfile.py', gud starts, and in a split frame I see the (Pdb) prompt in one, and my python code in the other with a caret on the first line, indicating that it's ready to go. For example 'n' steps to the next line and the caret moves accordingly.

If instead I enter 'python -m ipdb myfile.py', the frame splits, and one split is labeled gud, but there's no ipdb console evident. In other words, this way of starting ipdb doesn't seem to work. Ipdb works just fine if I manually insert a breakpoint into my python code using ipdb.set_trace(), except that it does not use the gud interface. Is this intentional so that ipdb's stack trace will work nicely?

If so, that's fine, but is there a way to start ipdb from emacs without manually adding a set_trace() command?

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