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I am writing a new web application and I need client side validation support on my forms. I have done some searches and it seems that client_side_validations gem is the first choice. When I went to the GitHub repository I see a big warning that it is no longer maintained.

So my questions:

  • Is there another recommended gem for this purpose that is compatible with Rails 4?
  • If not what is the recommended way to attack this without reinventing the wheel?


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You may try jQuery Validation, which is also available as a gem, jquery-validation-rails.

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I tried to look on this gem's code but it seems it just adds jquery validation scripts to my project. Take a look on client_side_validation - it does way a lot more. – Ikaso Feb 16 '14 at 9:14

I like @shinnyx's solution, you might also want to try using Zurb Foundation's 'abide' module. Although lately I've just been writing my own validations in plain old JS.

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