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When doing checks with the audit-argument-checks package, how should you do the matching when checking a Meteor.userId()? Does the userId needs to be really checked?

Meteor.publish('scores', function(userId) {
    check(userId, Match.any)
    return Scores.find({userId: userId})
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well, audit-argument-checks is dumb and requires every argument from the arguments list to be checked. It is not aware of special symbols or anything. –  imslavko Feb 16 '14 at 5:59

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Since ID generation for the built in users collection is always 'STRING' and cannot be altered, you can do:

check(userId, String);

If you are using 'MONGO' ID generation for other collections, you'll want to do:

check(docId, Meteor.Collection.ObjectID);
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The built-in users collection can only take String ID's and if ObjectID is used, the users cannot login since setUserId method expects the type to be a String. Here is the bug report, although rejected by developers for any mitigation. So, you can safely assume it is a String. –  Serkan Durusoy Feb 16 '14 at 14:16

If the user is logged in, the publish function will already have the userId. It is accessible with this.userId so no need for the user to pass it or to check it.

Like this:

Meteor.publish('scores', function() {
  return Scores.find({userId: this.userId})
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