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I have an XML structure like this one:

    <pattern> ... </pattern>
    <row> ... </row>

How can I select the first node of <layout> by its index, using XPath?

w3schools indicates syntax similar to /bookstore/book[1]/title, but then says:

There is a problem with this. The example above shows different results in IE and other browsers.

IE5 and later has implemented that [0] should be the first node, but according to the W3C standard it should have been [1]!!

A Workaround!
To solve the [0] and [1] problem in IE5+, you can set the SelectionLanguage to XPath.

But that's client-specific. The PHP manual isn't very clear about this either.

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What about trying? If [1] selects the first node, this is the way it works in PHP. There are only two possibilities so it is not impossible to do. Try and error :) – Felix Kling Feb 1 '10 at 23:26
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As Felix said: What about trying?

$l = new SimpleXMLElement('<layout>
  <pattern> ... </pattern> 
  <row> ... </row>  
foreach($l->xpath('/layout/*[1]') as $n) {// yeah yeah, it's only one....
  echo $n->getName();

prints pattern. (php 5.3.1/win32/ build)

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