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Apache Kafka : Distributed messaging system
Apache Storm : Real Time Message Processing

How we can use both technologies in to a real time data pipeline for processing event data? In terms of real time data pipeline both seems to me do the job identical. How we can use both the technologies on a data pipeline?

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You use Apache Kafka as a distributed and robust queue that can handle high volume data and enables you to pass messages from one end-point to another.

Storm is not a queue. It is a system that has distributed real time processing abilities, meaning you can execute all kind of manipulations on real time data in parallel.

The common flow of these tools (as I know it) goes as follows:

real-time-system --> Kafka --> Storm --> NoSql --> BI(optional)

So you have your real time app handling high volume data, sends it to Kafka queue. Storm pulls the data from kafka and applies some required manipulation. At this point you usually like to get some benefits from this data, so you either send it to some Nosql db for additional BI calculations, or you could simply query this NoSql from any other system.

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Thanks Forhas. This is very helpful. One question can we use Apache Kafka to aggregate Apache log files or do we still need Flume to do that? –  Ananth Duari Feb 18 at 1:42
I guess you can although I'm not familiar with such a flow. Maybe you can check Splunk for your needs (just a guess..). –  forhas Feb 18 at 14:14

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