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I'm decrypting some file with Botan like this:

std::ifstream in (InFilename.c_str(), std::ios::binary);
std::ofstream out (outFilename.c_str(), std::ios::binary);
Pipe pipe(get_cipher("AES-256/CBC",key,iv, DECRYPTION),new DataSink_Stream(out));
in >> pipe;

after i'm receiving signal, that file is decrypted and i'm opening this file like a pdf:


Everithing works perfect and fast. But decrypted file located in the same folder, and i want to decrypt file in memory, such as memory mapped file and send it direct to openFile without saving in filesystem. How can i do this? Probably there're a lot of different possibilities with Qt, and Core C++. Thank you!

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What's your motivation for not saving to the file system? Is it security, performance or some other requirement. Would an alternate solution also be acceptable? –  Peter R Feb 16 at 10:46
I'm trying to do this for a security reason. The user shouldn't have an access to the encrypted file. I'm tring now to find any possibility to do this in Botan. I mean send file from Pipe to the openFile directly. But it's not so clear for me right now :) –  AntonD Feb 16 at 11:05
What is the type of pdf? Everything depends on what you use to view the pdf! –  Kuba Ober Feb 16 at 17:23
You can. I don't know Botan, but the reference shows DataSink_Stream is expecting an std::ostream, not necessarily a std::ofstream. Using something that also inherits of std::ostream should work. Edit: not 100% sure a std::ostream will be enough for the rest of your need, though, and not tested. –  Armaghast Feb 18 at 17:24
See stackoverflow.com/questions/6493841/…, it shoud do the trick. –  Armaghast Feb 18 at 17:30

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