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NSResponder seems to have no mouse double click event. Is there an easy way to catch a double click?

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The mouseDown: and mouseUp: methods take an NSEvent object as an argument with information about the clicks, including the clickCount.

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Generally applications look at clickCount == 2 on -[mouseUp:] to determine a double-click.

One refinement is to keep track of the location of the mouse click on the -[mouseDown:] and see that the delta on the mouse up location is small (5 points or less in both the x and the y).

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IMHO this is the most useful answer as it also answers the implicit question of whether to react on second mouseDown or second mouseUp. Of course, in certain situations it might make sense to deviate from the standard. Unfortunately, Apple themselves don't quite adhere to one standard (Finder and Mail on up, Calendar on down)… –  fzwo May 6 at 10:34

The NSEvents generated for mouseDown: and mouseUp: have a property called clickCount. Check if it's two to determine if a double click has occurred.

Sample implementation:

- (void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)event {
    if (event.clickCount == 2) {
        NSLog(@"Double click!");

Just place that in your NSResponder (such as an NSView) subclass.

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