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I am trying to Understand the difference between Handler & Scheduler

What I know::

IN - JAVA(Not Android)

  1. Java uses JVM
  2. In Java Scheduler takes care of switching the control back and forth between main-thread and the worker-threads
  3. It quickly happens and so its called multi-threading.
  4. The developer has no access to scheduler and only he can influence the scheduler, JVM takes care of scheduler functionality


  1. Android uses JVM
  2. A scheduler is called a Handler in android
  3. Advantage is that developer has access to Handler through which he can control the scheduling of threads

My Questions::

  1. Are my explanations correct ?
  2. Are both handler and scheduler functionality wise the same ?
  3. If my explanations are not correct what are the difference between Handler and scheduler ?
  4. Advantages of using handler in android w.r.t Scheduler in Java ?

Thanks !

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I don't believe your expansions are correct and the two are pretty different. Android is a Java machine and still have a scheduler not accessible to the developer.

Handler holds the "handle" of one specific thread. To the Looper of the thread to be more specific (so only threads that "loops" may have handlers).

The handler allows the developer to request some code to be processed in a specific thread either as soon as possible (using the post method) or after some time (using the postDelayed method).

Note that the methods are called 'post'. That means the code will be posted to the scheduler and the scheduler will actually run the code on the requested thread whenever it is time for that thread to be execute.

PS. I answer that from my mobile, sorry for any misspellings.

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@ Budius ..... [+1] for info .... So all handler does is like:: If a thread is responsible to post message ..... Using handler instance the developer can make the thread to loop(similarly to sleep ) and then perform the posting of the message ... but in-turn the scheduler executes this thread ! - correct me if i am wrong ? – Devrath Feb 16 '14 at 12:44
Yes n No. The thread have to be pre-prepared to loop (no sleep). If you call new Handler() inside a normal new the system will trow an exception. Check the LooperThread class on the docs. That type of thread can handle messages/runnables being posted to them via handler and the UI thread is of that type. – Budius Feb 16 '14 at 14:54

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