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I was able install tesseract and train new fonts

I had followed all the steps exactly mentioned in http://michaeljaylissner.com/blog/adding-new-fonts-to-tesseract-3-ocr-engine

And now i m testing the traineddata but i get the following error when i run the command

tesseract eng.digital.exp0.tif ./output.txt -l eng

gives me the error

Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine v3.03 with Leptonica
tessdata_manager.SeekToStart(TESSDATA_INTTEMP):Error:Assert failed:in file adaptmatch.cpp,    line 522
Abort trap: 6

Now, after this even if i'm trying to train new data, i get this error, i mean i'm unable to run the following command now

tesseract engg.digital.exp0.tif engg.digital.exp0.box nobatch box.train.stderr

I was able to resolve this error by uninstalling and installing tesseract again. Could you guys help me, if there is an easier way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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Ok i have fixed the 2nd time run fail. Basically i was training another font in english and i replaced eng.traineddata in original tessdata folder.. Hence it was failing. I replaced the original eng.traineddata and i can retrain now.

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