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I've installed the googleSitemapGenerator tool (php) in my server (which is an ec2 instance in AWS). However, the Sitemap Creator staus is always "Failed" and no sitemaps are being generated. Here is the log from google-sitemap-generator.log

2014-02-16T13:47:48Z: Start to generate [Web Sitemap] for site [ip-1x-3x-3x-9x.eu-west-1.compute.internal,:0]. 
2014-02-16T13:47:48Z: No new record to update news data. 
2014-02-16T13:47:48Z: Failed to open [/usr/local/google-sitemap-generator/cache//ip-1x-3x-3x-9x_eu_west_1_compute_internal__0/data_base] to read. 
2014-02-16T13:47:48Z: ip-1x-3x-3x-9x.eu-west-1.compute.internal,:0: record can't be merged. 
2014-02-16T13:47:48Z: Failed to update database. 
2014-02-16T13:47:48Z: Failed to generate [Web Sitemap] for site [ip-1x-3x-3x-9x.eu-west-1.compute.internal,:0].

What am i doing wrong? How do i get this to work?

The file /usr/local/google-sitemap-generator/cache//ip-1x-3x-3x-9x_eu_west_1_compute_internal__0/data_base doesn't exist at all

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