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I use Google Analytics API to export some data into Excel. Because the API have limits with the number of dimensions and metrics that can be exported at the same time, I have to make this export usind different queries, which are placed into different sheets.

I want to consolidate all this information in just one sheet, so I create (in every sheet) an unique ID with some shared values of each sheet (using concatenate) and do a VLOOKUP to consolidate the data of every sheet into the first sheet. It works like a charm for 99,5% of the data. But there are some IDs which are returning a #N/A, althought I have manually checked if they are exact matching using =B1='Sheet2'!B191, which returns TRUE.

I generate those Unique IDs with =CONCATENATE(TRIM(B1),TRIM(C1),TRIM(D1)...), so I do not believe there are blank spaces preventing the match. I have even pasted those IDs as "value" and I still get those #N/A.

I am not able to find a cause for this rare behaviour! Agustín

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Would it be possible to see the VLOOKUP formula? –  Jerry Feb 16 at 14:00
Of course: =VLOOKUP(B191,'Segunda-Página'!A:H,8,0). I use a spanish version of Excel (it uses ";" as separator, instead ","), but I am used with english formulas. –  agustin Feb 16 at 14:02
Okay, it seems fine there. If the value of B191 is indeed also found in column A of sheet Segunda-Página, I can't find what's wrong and it should in fact work. Unless there are some special characters, like ~ in B191. –  Jerry Feb 16 at 14:05
Yes Jerry. Thats a really weird behaviour. I am used to handle with #N/A errors, but this time it is very rare. Even worse: 90% of the IDs which aren´t matching have this structure day_hour_minute_type-of-visitor_source_medium_device_Caceres‎ (Caceres is a spanish city). The other variables change, but city is always Caceres. –  agustin Feb 16 at 14:17
@agustin, can you show us your workbook? (e.g. using dropbox.com) –  simoco Feb 16 at 15:00
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