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I am dynamically adding a class to my code using Jquery's .attr('class', 'show'). But when I use .each() function like this:

$('.show a').each(function() {

it doesen't work.

I works when I added the 'show' class manually.

How can I do this dynamically?

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Use "addClass" instead of trying to set the class via "attr()".

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I assume you mean that you're adding a class to an existing element. If so it may work better if you used:


If you need to add an element to the dom, that's a completely different matter.


To address the new info you gave, there are two things to change:

First, use addClass:

$('#existing div:first').show().addClass('show');

Second, you forgot the . before 'show' for your each. It should be ('.show a'):

            $('.show a').each(function() {
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I have existing element div.

$('#somewhere').click(function() {                  

                $('#existing div:first').show().attr('class', 'show');

                $('show a').each(function() {

My code: <div id="existing"> <div> <a href="#">a1</a> <a href="#">a2</a </div> <div> <a href="#">b1</a> <a href="#">b2</a> </div>

I tried .addClass and .attr...

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You're new here, so just want to let you know that if you wish to clarify your question, it is better to edit the original question, or add a comment like this to one of the answers. I've edited my answer to address the problem. –  user113716 Feb 2 '10 at 14:01

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