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I would like to deploy a private cloud using Ubuntu Server 9.10. There is a -sparc iso available here.

My question is if any of the cloud packages included in 9.10 will work on sparc hardware? A search for sparc on the Eucalyptus forums yields no results.

I realize that "commodity hardware" usually means x86 but sparc boxes are what I seem to have a excess of.

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The hypervisor LDom from SUN can be used on a SPARC architecture to run Solaris VMs. As you may be aware, UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud) comes with Ubuntu server 9.10 and Eucalyptus 1.6 built in. Eucalyptus right now supports Xen / KVM and even to an extent VMWare ESX as a Hypervisor. You must check if Eucalyptus can be configured to have LDom as a hypervisor.

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