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When I am trying to change a password of the user I can do it using only following filter (with cn attribute):

con.passwd('cn=Napolen Bonaparte, ou=users, dc=idoru, dc=pl', 'oldPassword', 'newPassword')

however, when I am trying to pass the user identifier using his uid it fails:

con.passwd('uid=bluszcz, ou=users, dc=idoru, dc=pl', 'oldPassword', 'newPassword')

with following error:

message="The password modify extended request cannot be processed because 
it was not possible to identify the user entry to update based on the 
authorization DN of "uid=bluszcz,ou=users,dc=idoru,dc=pl"  The password 
modify extended request cannot be processed because it contained an invalid 
userIdentity field.  The provided userIdentity string was 
"uid=bluszcz, ou=users, dc=idoru, dc=pl"" etime=1

My base dn is defined as:


I have several applications connected to this ldap server - so I believe it is not configuration issue but more not proper way of initializing connection to the server.

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