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I have music encoded in Vorbis format and also starded encoding some of my albums to the new Opus format. Is there a way I can copy and play them to my iPhone ? xiph.org wiki page states about vorbis support, that in the free software side, it's "work in progress", while it cites a radio stream and a video application that have Vorbis support, but what about audio support ?

To summarize the requirements:

  • Vorbis support
  • Opus support
  • some way to copy or make the album available
  • free software would be a plus, since proprietary software could be slow to adopt Opus and I could even add support for additional codecs myself by writing patches

[Edit: essential media player features required]

  • Playlist support, etc.
  • Flawless playback must be a strong guideline (for example, some players have audio decoding glitches every 5 minutes played)


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Capriccio music player for IOS supports FLAC, APE, WV, MPC, WAV, M4A, MP3, OGG, AIFF, CAF, MID, OPUS

I've used it on all my IOS devices (including iPad 2/3/Air and iPhone 4 & 6) with FLAC encoded music and never experienced audio glitches.

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This one looks like a link only answer, can you provide more info please ? –  Kedarnath Feb 19 at 10:57
Nice, will test it –  hdante Feb 23 at 10:53

Open source licensing on iOS is a difficult matter. VLC for iOS plays Opus and Vorbis. But as a music player it's quite useless.

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Notice that the issues described in the reference are related to the more strict LGPL license. Current implementations of both libvorbis and libopus are BSD licensed and are in a similar class to Apache licenses. There's no problem using them and that can be seen in VLC usage. –  hdante Feb 21 '14 at 20:09

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