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I'm having an issue with net share. Basically if it's a new share it works perfectly. However existing shares I cannot modify the roles with net share?

Steps to reproduce my problem (As I am having a hard time putting it into words)

Step 1: Create a new folder at C:\My Test\StackOverview

Step 2: Run the following .bat

net share StackOver /DELETE
net share StackOver="C:\My Test\StackOverview" /GRANT:Everyone,READ

Result: When user "testuser" attempts to access files it works perfect.

Step 3: Now create a new folder at C:\My Test\NotWorking

Step 4: In Windows (Not with a .bat) right click the folder and Share this folder with specific people but insure "testuser" isn't one of them

Step 5: After the folder is shared run the following .bat

net share NotWorking /DELETE
net share NotWorking="C:\My Test\NotWorking" /GRANT:Everyone,READ

Result: "testuser" cannot access this folder. It says he doesn't have the correct permissions. I would expect the script to work either way? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

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Try changing the permissions for the individual user.

net share NotWorking="C:\My Test\NotWorking" /GRANT:testuser,READ
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Same problem. I did read a bit more onto this topic however and it appears that you can only create new shares with "net share" and you cannot modify already shared files. So I think this is impossible and I have to use another tool to change the permissions. Just figured there'd be a easier way in Windows Batch File. Thanks! –  user2012841 Feb 18 at 1:34
Could you delete the share with /Delete then re-add? –  unclemeat Feb 18 at 2:06
I have been doing that. I believe my question /Delete the share no? –  user2012841 Feb 25 at 2:43

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