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I am a bloody beginner in programming. one simple question i will ask later after the description of the problem.

After installing the simmetrics package in C#

PM> Install-Package SimMetrics

I have extended usage by following lines:

using SimMetricsApi;

using SimMetricsMetricUtilities;

using SimMetricsUtilities;

I took the code snippet from the simmetrics documentation and pasted to my new consoleApplication.

    public override double GetSimilarity(string firstWord, string secondWord)

        firstWord = "Dimitry";
        secondWord = "Dimitry";

        if ((firstWord != null) && (secondWord != null))

            double dist = jaroStringMetric.GetSimilarity(firstWord, secondWord);
            int prefixLength = GetPrefixLength(firstWord, secondWord);
            return dist + prefixLength * prefixAdustmentScale * (1.0 - dist);
        return 0.0;

    private int GetPrefixLength(string firstWord, string secondWord)
        throw new NotImplementedException();

    public int prefixAdustmentScale { get; set; }

    public JaroWinkler jaroStringMetric { get; set; }


coud anyone please help me to get those both strings compared by the jaroWinkler algorithm from the simmetrics package?

As output a score is enough.

Dont have any idea how to get the result.

Thank you guys

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