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This is my first time using Typesafe Activator. I am using version 1.0.13 in Windows 7 64

I successfully created a JAVA_HOME in Environment Properties. Navigating to my Activator folder I successfully ran activator.bat and my terminal window opened and ran the loading code until opened and I was in Typesafe Activator.

I noticed the terminal window was still open, and decided I wanted to clear my workspace so I closed it, not realizing Activator needed it to run.

After I restarted Windows, I opened activator.bat, and it checks for an update and then closes not launching Typesafe Activator. I am not sure what is wrong or how to get it running again.

Has anyone experienced this issue, and has successfully found a solution to get it to run again?

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Delete the file RUNNING_PID, and you will be able to get the application to run again.

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I don't have enough reputation to comment you answer...but the reason behind 'RUNNING_PID' is not stopping and not deleting, when you close command prompt from 'X' button directly, 'RUNNING_PID' file not removing from Activator folder structure.

When you terminate your activator console using "Ctrl+C", you will kill both JVMs: the Play console and the forked Play server (deleting 'RUNNING_PID' correctly).

Can read more here: http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.0.4/Production

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