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I am developing a Google Chrome extension for myself. It adds an extra menu item to the right click context menus of the images on every page.

Currently, my extension works without a problem, but when I check console logs, I see this error log:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'create' of undefined

on the line with code:

var id = chrome.contextMenus.create({
        "title": title, "contexts": [context],
        "onclick": genericOnClick

So the problem is, chrome.contextMenus comes null here. I found out that it might be related to the permissions, but I have contextmenus permission in my manifest.json file. Here's the permissions block in manifest file:

  "permissions": [

And besides all that, my extension works as it should be. So why am I seeing this error on the log? Should I simple add a null check to do nothing if chrome.contextMenus is null? Or should I wait for it to be initialized (I have no idea how to do that btw -without using an old style while loop-)?

Here's the block of code that causes this error:

var contexts = ["image"];
for (var i = 0; i < contexts.length; i++) {
    var context = contexts[i];
    var title = "Do something";

    var id = chrome.contextMenus.create({
        "title": title, "contexts": [context],
        "onclick": genericOnClick

function genericOnClick(info, tab) {
    // some stuff

I am not very familiar with Javascript. How can I fix that problem?

Thanks in advance

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chrome.contextMenus is undefined in the content script.

You can check this using Chrome console.

You need create context menu item in background.js script:


        var requestData = {"action": "createContextMenuItem"};
        //send request to background script


function onRequest(request, sender, callback){    
   if(request.action == 'createContextMenuItem'){
           var contextItemProperties = {};
           contextItemProperties.title = 'context menu item';
           chrome.contextMenus.create(contextItemProperties });

//subscribe on request from content.js:

I am surprised why the documentation does not mention that you can create context menu item only in background page.

Also you need reload extension after you change the code in background.js.

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Update: sendRequest and onRequest are now obsolete. You should use sendMessage and onMessage. See here – Peter Aug 27 '15 at 17:12

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