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EDIT: 2. I have resolved the issue! Thanks for the support guys. To see the final version, look at this pastebin and see the difference between it and my code here on StackOverflow.


EDIT. I now am able to print the data on screen but I am seeing all the planet data when I only want a row per ctp. (earth row on the earth.ctp etc).

New to cake and very much confused. I have looked over the documents but am still at a loss. Big props to anyone who can help a student developer out.

In all I am working on an application which shows data on each planet and moon in the solar system, passing varchars of data from the Database to the whateverplanet.ctp.

I am trying to display a row per ctp. Such as earth info on Planets/earth.ctp by calling the planet_name/info/content columns in the PlanetsController earth() function.

I have a database with two tables

  • planets table
    • planet_id (int)
    • planet_name (varchar)
    • planet_info (varchar)
    • planet_content (varchar)

And a moons table with the same set up just with moons instead of planets.

Planet Model looks like

App::uses('AppModel', 'Model'); 
class Planet extends AppModel {

        public $name = 'Planet';
        public $useTable = 'planets';


Controller is as this (with commented out attempts)


class PlanetsController extends AppController
    public $name = 'Planets';
    public $helpers = array('Html', 'Form');

    public function earth() {

         $this->set('planets', $this->Planet->find('all'));



earth.ctp looks like this

    <?php echo $this->Html->image('earth1.jpg'); ?>

    <h2> Fact File </h2>
    <?php foreach ($planets as $planet): ?>

            <h3><?php echo $planet['Planet']['planet_name']; ?></h3>

            <p> <?php echo $planet['Planet']['planet_info']; ?></p>

            <?php endforeach; ?>
    <!--<p>orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus elementum mattis turpis id aliquam. Duis vitae magna in justo varius dapibus. Donec mattis nunc tellus, at sollicitudin risus rutrum in. Curabitur vehicula et ipsum vel fringilla. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Vestibulum venenatis eros gravida nibh eleifend egestas. Quisque vel libero convallis, vulputate sem nec, sollicitudin nisl. Nullam egestas orci eget velit hendrerit rhoncus.</p>-->
</div><!-- /.col-xs-12 main -->
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$earth = $this->Planet->find('first', array('conditions' => array('planet_name' => 'Earth')));
$this->set('earth', $earth);

Or you can use find('all') as well if you expect more rows.

Btw you should name the 'planet_id' column 'id'; read more at http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/getting-started/cakephp-conventions.html#model-and-database-conventions

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Thanks, I got all my planets to print out on my earth.ctp view. How would I only display the info earth row in the planets table? I have updated my original with the working code from the controller and view which loads all of the data. Sorry again, I have looked through the book and still cannot wrap my head about it. –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 12:10
Did you try to set the conditions for the find method (what I wrote in this answer)? –  rocknrollcanneverdie Feb 17 '14 at 12:16
I tried it but it gave back this error [: Undefined variable: planets [APP\View\Planets\earth.ctp, line 10] & Invalid argument supplied for foreach() [APP\View\Planets\earth.ctp, line 10] Line 10 is <?php foreach ($planets as $planet): ?> –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 12:29
Because you didn't set the $planets variable for the View. If you use the example from this answer you should use $earth variable in your View. –  rocknrollcanneverdie Feb 17 '14 at 12:33
Sorry, still a little confused. I replaced $planets with $earth and it now reports that line 12 and 14 are: Undefined index: Planet [APP\View\Planets\earth.ctp, line 12] –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 12:42

you should come back to cakephp docs , review HtmlHelper, then check this again:

'Html' => array('className' => 'BoostCakeHtml'), 'Form' => array('className' => 'BoostCakeForm'), 'Paginator' => array('className' => 'BoostCakePaginator'),

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Not sure I follow. Are you saying I should not be using BoostCake? I am using bootstrap as my front end. –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 3:01

There are two problems in the code snippet you commented out:

//$earth = $this->Earth->find('all');

First, your model is named Planet but with $this->Earth you try to access a (non-existing) model called Earth.

In the second line you define a variable for the view, but you don't assign a value to it.

Fixing those two issues, you get something like:

$this->set('planets', $this->Planet->find('all'));
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That worked but it prints out all of the data in the planets table. How would I output only the earth row (planet_name/info/content for the earth.ctp? Thanks again! –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 9:42
@stejdm You have to specify some conditions, see book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/models/retrieving-your-data.html –  dhofstet Feb 17 '14 at 10:28
Thanks! So I would have to use it like public function earth() { // ... $planets = $this->Planet->find('all'); $pending = $this->Planet->find('all', array( 'planet_name' 'planet_info' 'planet_content' => array('Planet.status' => 'pending') )); } –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 11:09
@stejdm This will cause a syntax error ;-) But I see you got it right in the code you posted on pastebin.com –  dhofstet Feb 17 '14 at 15:39
Thanks! I am really grateful for the help here! I just cant wrap my head around how to get the earth row to display on the earth.ctp It's always the simple things that get you! –  stejdm Feb 17 '14 at 15:45

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