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I have a html file listing links to artists' pages. What I want to do is to use a php script to list them instead of listing them manually. I also would like to have a thumbnail image above each corresponding link, but I want to get the links first before I add the images. I'm using the following script but it's not working:


$directory = "C:/wamp/myprojects/UMVA/web/includes/artists";
$phpfiles = glob($directory . "*.html");

foreach($phpfiles as $phpfile)
    echo '<a href="'.basename($phpfile).'">'.$phpfile.'</a>';


The folder containing the html files is artists. It doesn't work using the full pathname and it doesn't work using just 'artists' or '/artists' as the pathname. The 'artists' folder is in the same directory 'web' as the php file with the script. What am I missing here?

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by "it's not working"? Do you get a php error? Is the generated link wrong? If so, what is your script generating compared to what it should be generating? Also, please use something like getcwd(), you should never ever specify full paths like that; what if the path changes? –  Christian Varga Feb 17 at 1:58
Try / after artists or before *.html. (so like: "/*.html") Maybe it works. Otherwise - what's your output? –  Sebastian Höffner Feb 17 at 2:01
No errors, just a blank page or sometimes it prints: '.$phpfile.''; } ?> –  Matt Stacey Feb 17 at 2:06
And if you print_r($phpfiles), do you get anything? And if they're php files, as the variable name implies, shouldn't you be searching for .php in your glob, not .html? –  jboneca Feb 17 at 2:21
print_r prints just '.$htmlfile.''; } ?> I changed the variables to html even though it shouldn't matter what the variable name is –  Matt Stacey Feb 17 at 2:27

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if your directory is always 'C:/wamp/myprojects/UMVA/web/artists', I think you can try scandir( $dirname ) instead of glob().

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directory will change when this page is uploaded but the script page will be in the web folder. scandir not working either. –  Matt Stacey Feb 17 at 3:37
I just realised that the <a> tags are working but the link obviously doesn't go anywhere. –  Matt Stacey Feb 17 at 3:49
I think its trying to find the files in web/ directory not artists: Firefox can't find the file at /C:/wamp/www/myprojects/UMVA/web/'.basename($htmlfile).'. –  Matt Stacey Feb 17 at 5:00
what is the real output <a> tag? Is it like <a href="C:/wamp/www/myprojects/UMVA/web/artists/foo.html">foo.html</a>? please paste one. –  Seeinyou Feb 17 at 6:01
'.$htmlfile.' that is the hyperlink –  Matt Stacey Feb 17 at 6:25

Not sure where is the error, but you can also use SPL Iterators, like GlobIterator, in a more reusable way. GlobIterator returns SplFileInfo objects that provides many useful informations about your file.

Here are the doc pages:

Here is an example:

$it = new GlobIterator('C:/wamp/myprojects/UMVA/web/artists/*.jpg');

foreach ($it as $file) {
    // I added htmlspecialchars too, never output unsafe data without escape them
    echo '<a href="' . htmlspecialchars($file->getPathname()) . '">' . htmlspecialchars($file->getFilename()) . '</a>';
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