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I build a website application using Yii Framework.

I want to use model with query like this:

SELECT, u.username, u.score, (SELECT COUNT(ownerId) FROM post p WHERE p.ownerId = AS totalPost 
FROM users u 
ORDER BY u.score DESC, totalPost DESC LIMIT 10

Please help me to convert the query into models in Yii Framework.

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Here is related chapter from "The Definite Guide To Yii" -

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Well I think you can simplify this by using a relation 'TotalPost' => array(self::STAT,'Post','OwnerId')

Check CStatRelation for more details. Note that in this class, the select property is the statistical expression which is by default COUNT(*).

Also, your query can be mapped into User model as long as you have a public $TotalPost; in model class User.

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