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I have a chart with a measure based on data 'since the start of last year'. It's easy to chart it like this:

  *                         *
  *                         *      *
  *      *                  *      *
  *      *      *           *      * 
Jan13  Feb13  Mar13 - - - Jan14  Feb14

How can I represent it like this, so that months from 13/14 can be compared side by side

  *      *                   
  *      *             *           
  *      *       *     *           
  *      *       *     *     *      
Jan13  Jan14  Feb13  Feb14 Mar13 - - 

I have tried out of the box charting, setting the category by month and then year, but it complains that I can't reuse the group-by field more than once.

I think I could do this by editing the xml in one of two ways:

  • Filter the set for 'this year' and 'last year' then offset the plot of one series so that they appear side by side
  • Replicate what would be done in SSRS - category by month, series by year, sorted by month.

How can I edit the xml to accomplish this?

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How about achieving your desired result like this?

  • Customizing the chart entity to add a property
  • Updating this field via Workflow on chart entity's Date property update like
    • 0113 (xxJan13)
    • 0114 (xxJan14)
    • 0213 (xxFeb13)
    • 0214 (xxFeb14) and so on
  • Using this property to group and order the chart data
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