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How can I configure Sublime Text 2 to show the Folders sidebar in different windows of the same project?

To further clarify, I have a single window opened for a project:

original window

we see the Folders sidebar on the left, showing the hierarchy of the project (I've deleted a lot of content here due to privacy reasons). I proceed to drag the tab circled in red out to its own window.

Now, I get this window with the dragged out tab:

new window

When I use View -> Side Bar -> Show Side Bar, I get the Open Files sidebar, which shows the files opened in that window. But what I want is the Folders side bar, just like the original window.

How do I do that?

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Only drag and drop your folder to Side Bar of Sublime text

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Hey thanks, it works –  yanhan Feb 17 at 6:36

Just to illustrate, I've attached a screenshot showing how to do it:


I'm using Mac OS X, so I just opened up the Finder app, dragged the project folder over to the side bar and that shows the project folder hierarchy.

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