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I have created a HTML5 image uploader using canvas. I have the image data using


which is in the form

data:image/png;base64,<base64image string>

I sent the above data to php which will be used to upload the image to amazon server.

I normally pass the return value of


to the amazon sdk and the work gets done. Now how do i have the base64 image data converted into file_get_contents type data to upload the file.

I am not allowed to create a file in the server.Is there any way of creating a temp image and get the file_get_contents data from that temp file??

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Pass the return value of base64_decode() instead of file_get_contents to the AWS SDK. file_get_contents loads a file into a string, base64_decode loads a base64 string and returns a string. Since you have a base64 string and not a file, you would call base64_decode.

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