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i have javascript variable having value

var ull="<ul><li>sunil here from mandya </li><li>kumar here</li></ul>"

i want output of alert message of each list content like below 1st alert message =sunil here from mandya 2nd alert message =kumar here

how to accomplish this with regex,please help,, i am new to this

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It's not recommended to use a regex on HTML. An XML parser would be better. And even better than that would be using javascript. This will output what you're looking for

var li = document.getElementsByTagName('li');
var liLength = li.length;
  if(document.all){ //IE
  }else{ //Firefox

An alternative, which would be better supported than writing these things yourself would be to use a javascript framework, such as jQuery (like richardtallent suggests).

You'd be able to do something with that in a much less verbose manner, like:

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Don't use regex to parse html, use a parser instead

var p = new DOMParser(); 
var ul = p.parseFromString("<ul><li>sunil here from mandya </li>" +
           "<li>kumar here</li></ul>", "text/xml");
var lis = ul.getElementsByTagName("li");
var len = lis.length;
for(var i = 0; i < len; i++)
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A better bet would be to use JQuery (or just DOM calls) rather than trying to parse HTML using regex.

Also, you should consider not sending users a series of alert() modal dialogs, that would be very annoying to many users.

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var str = '<ul><li>sunil here from mandya </li><li>kumar here</li></ul>';
var haystack = str;

var match = haystack.match(/<li>(.+?)<\/li>/);
while (match) {
  haystack = haystack.slice(match[0].length);
  match = haystack.match(/<li>(.+?)<\/li>/);

Of course, if the HTML is actually on the page, it would be much, much better to iterate through the DOM.

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