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i am using drive version2 to insert a new file to google-drive. To insert a new file to a google drive using client.files.insert() function

i am getting the following error Error: Body attribute missing in multipart.

var auth = new googleapis.OAuth2Client();

   access_token: 'accesskey'
});'drive', 'v2').execute(function(err, client) {{ title: 'Test', mimeType: 'application/json' })
    .withMedia('application/json', "Hello world")

the above code is there in documentation :

can any on help me!!

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Make sure you have enabled the Drive API:

  • Go to the Google Developers Console.
  • Select a project.
  • Select APIs & auth in the left sidebar.
  • Find the Drive API in the list of available APIs and set its status to ON.
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