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I want to create a drawable which looks like this.

enter image description here and enter image description here

I know how to create the image background but even after searching, I am unable to find how to give text to that drawable file. Is there any way that the drawable file is exactly same containing the text as well?

I cant use textview because its a tab and I need drawables to set as background resource (thats what I know, please correct me if I am wrong.). So I want a drawable file which I can set as background.

enter image description here

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take look on this tutorial android-dev-tips-and-tricks.blogspot.com/2012/08/… feed me back –  mohammed momn Feb 17 at 6:51
can you post some codes you tried, since actually we can add TEXT to Drawable by adding both drawable and text tpo canvas –  Vishal Santharam Feb 17 at 6:58
What I have tried is a png format image as I have pasted here. Since this makes the app apk bigger, I was thinking to use a drawable. So I am asking if we can add text to drawables. –  Akshat Jaiswal Feb 17 at 7:01
Use two background as above images with bottom cyan color focus and without cyan color focus and text according in onClick event –  santhosh Feb 17 at 7:09

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Yes you can do that.

See the post -

How to put text in a drawable ?

Basically, you have to extend the class Drawable and set the canvas to draw the text to a drawable.

As you override the draw method, it will take the canvas and draw the text on defined locations.

There are many methods available for Canvas.

As explained in a graphics doc. -

The Canvas class has its own set of drawing methods that you can use, like drawBitmap(...), drawRect(...), drawText(...), and many more. Other classes that you might use also have draw() methods. For example, you'll probably have some Drawable objects that you want to put on the Canvas. Drawable has its own draw() method that takes your Canvas as an argument.

Drawing text will be just like the following -

canvas.drawText("Front Screen Torch", 30, 48, paint);

To get the actual color directly from resources use -


See Canvas for more.

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Can we add text to a drawable ?

No, you can't.

Alternate option for this is to create a drawable with Text.

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What is the meaning of "Alternate option for this is to create a drawable with Text.".? –  Akshat Jaiswal Feb 17 at 7:01
means just directly have a image which has text init. It will avoid the coding time. –  user3317558 Feb 17 at 7:02
of course you can: just extend BitmapDrawable and. override draw method –  pskink Feb 17 at 7:16
Ya but Its increasing the App size as I have to use 2 images for each tab that means around a dozen of images in my drawables. –  Akshat Jaiswal Feb 17 at 7:16
@AkshatJaiswal No, you dont have to keep two images: see my comment above –  pskink Feb 17 at 7:52

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