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I am writing a tic-tac-toe game in plt-scheme as my AI course project. The idea for gui is a grid with 9 boxes, each with a canvas, using panes ... When the user click on a canvas, 'X' or 'O' will be drawn accordingly ...

The question is how can I catch mouse click event on canvas? I found out I need to use on-event, but still don't know how? Any clues?

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Ok, I got it ...

(define canvas-box%
  (class canvas%
    (define/override (on-event e)
           (when (equal? (send e get-event-type) 'left-down) (foobar-callback)))
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I got all mouse and keypad command for uses anywhere here.

(define my-canvas%

(class canvas%
  (define/override (on-event event)
        (send test reader (list (number->string (send event get-x))
                     (number->string (send event get-y)) ))
        (send test reader (list (send event get-event-type)))))
(define/override (on-char event)
  (define pressed (send event get-key-code))
   (if (char? pressed) (send test reader (list (make-string 1 pressed))) '()))  

(define tester%
 (class object%
  (define command '())

  (define/public (reader x)
    (and (set! command x)
         (display x))
  (define/public (outer)
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