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where im working is a company to improve their own market CMS , if u were me and u had the opportunity to build ur own CMS ( revision of existing CMS ) what steps u would take ?

as far as i know these things can be most important :

  • template engine ( caching ability )
  • a php framework ( ZEND)
  • a javascript Framework ( Jquery )
  • OOP coding style
  • Security Issues (i have no idea how to make this happen , trying to obey security notes in writing php is enough or we should use any existing security)
  • an auto updater script ( wondering how i can do it )
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I'd say give modx a spin, since (in my books) they seem to have the right idea when it comes to extensibility. A lot of CMSes are great at the their niche, are really simple, or are loaded with modules, but few make it easy to extend on the fly. –  Daniel Feb 4 '10 at 2:07
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See how the POWER of frameworks is calculated and compared. Thanks

Core points include:

Multiple DB's
DB Objects
Auth Module
EDP Routing

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maybe forms also? –  TMS Jul 23 '11 at 7:57
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...and what about code maintainability?

And Documentation (even if youre the only working on the project: will you remember what that function does at 3 years from now?)

Caching, if is it possible, use memcached or apc to reduces the database hits, not only in the templating behavior.

Extensibility. Every famous cms nowadays have modules/plugins: write your code in order to allow them to be used (hook functions?). Dont see the plugin as an 'external' thing only: you will be glato to create a module to satisfy your costumer needs, instead of completely rebuild a part of your CMS.

Whitelist for security, htmlpurifier for html fields.

Follow strictly the MVC conventions (..even if this point is potentially subjective).

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