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I want to assign the alpha numeric value to one variable in Batch scripting. I tried following one but getting error.

set test = \765514e2aad02ca658cc56cdb7884947 *E:\\test1
echo %test%


C:\Users\bgannu>set   test = \765514e2aad02ca658cc56cdb7884947 *E:\\test1

C:\Users\bgannu>echo 0

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The syntax for set is set [[/a [expression]] [/p [variable=]] string] The = has to be directly after your variable so you need to change:

set test = \765514e2aad02ca658cc56cdb7884947 *E:\\test1


set test=\765514e2aad02ca658cc56cdb7884947 *E:\\test1

Otherwise your variable name would have a space at the end. You can easily try this out:

> set bar = foo
> echo %bar%
> echo %bar %

Note that both the variable name and its content got a space.

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+1 for the correct issue; I took the liberty of making the actual problem a little clearer. – Joey Feb 2 '10 at 12:41

Lose the /A. the /A is used for arithmetic.

C:\test>set  var=\765514e2aad02ca658cc56cdb7884947 *E:\\test1

C:\test>echo %var%
\765514e2aad02ca658cc56cdb7884947 *E:\\test1
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even after removing /A also not working – user136104 Feb 2 '10 at 8:01

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