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I would like to exclude a directory from my SVN (I'm using Xcode's built in SCM). It's not checked in but I'm just tired of unselecting it from checkin.

Most of my SVN experience is at work on Windows with TortoiseSVN, which has a 'Ignore' function; I assume SCM has that same option.

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As mentioned in this SO question (with answers about Xcode's SVN integration), you could still go with the "command-line".

See How to ignore a directory with SVN?

svn propset svn:ignore dirname .

You can see in this Paul Solt's blog entry an example of a new project, managed by XCode, but with a SVN ignore command

Make a project in Xcode and then use Terminal and execute the commands. If you aren’t familar with SVN check out the documentation.

svn add *
svn revert --recursive build
svn ps svn:ignore build .
svn ci

The commands:

  • create a folder in your SVN repository.
  • Next it checks out the remote repository folder into the local project folder and add all of the project files.
  • Once the files are “added” you’ll want to remove the build directory and ignore it from your SVN repository.
  • Lastly it’ll commit the changes and your project is in the repository.
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awesome, did the trick! Thanks! –  ACBurk Feb 2 '10 at 8:04

VocC is on the money, but don't we also want to ignore the pbxuser files and mode1v3 files?

I would change the svn ps svn:ignore build . step for this:

svn propset svn:ignore "*.mode1v3
bin" .
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