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I am trying to use a normal JSF commandbutton instead of submit button. For that I am using this

<h:commandButton value="clickme" type="button" onclick="window.print();"/>

But normal raw html works

<input type="button" name="demo" value="clickme" onclick="window.print();" />

When I remove the window.print() from the onclick the button is displayed.

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Try this:

onclick="window.print(); return false;"

As per this

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I have used the same : <h:commandButton type="submit" value="clickme" onclick="window.print(); return false;"/> The button itself is not rendered in the browser and thrown error in browser :error on line 5 at column 139: Attribute onclick redefined –  srk Feb 17 '14 at 9:52


<h:commandButton value="clickme" type="button" onclick="javascript:window.print();return false;"/>
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I am facing the error. Attribute onclick redefined –  srk Feb 17 '14 at 12:55
Which jsf version are you using? –  Java_User Feb 17 '14 at 13:03

In JSF 1.2 type=button is not supported. So your choices are only either type=submitor type=reset. Use JSF 2 if you want to use button type in your commandbutton component.

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