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I want to install a "pastie" in our local intranet. What are the alternatives to RaPaste and pastie.org? (the latter can't even be installed locally b/c it doesn't seem to be open source?)

Edit: Doesn't have to be Ruby btw.

Edit: What I mean with pastie is an app where you can share source code pastes instead of pasting it in an irc chat.

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You may want to edit the title to indicate that you want to install pastie software, not just go to a URL and use it. – Pistos Oct 20 '08 at 12:57
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There is for instance LodgeIt by the Pocoo guys.

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Lodgelt looks so cool, I'm installing it right now =) – Aaron Maenpaa Oct 20 '08 at 13:20

Your request isn't very clear. Starting by defining what are "pasties" in your mind might help (I knew pasties from deviantART, which are very different beasts...). I had to go to the indicated sites to have an idea.
It isn't clear either if it must be Ruby only or not (I see only a tag, no clear requirement).

I know the old and reputed pastebin.org, its (PHP) source is available.

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