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I want to run Selenium test case with Chromium under Debian 6, which doesn't have any User Interface. For this I'm using 'xsimulator'. I set up my test:

public void setUp() throws Exception{ setName("test"); super.setUp("http://www.wikipedia.org/", "*googlechrome chromium- browser); }

It starts Chromium instance without any problem, but, since it's the first run of Chromium, it asks me make the default browser. Without UI (I'm on xsimulator) I can't click and make any of the choices. Actually, Chromium allows to start it without asking default browser check (argument '--no-default-browser-check'), but this only works in terminal. When I set up test like this:

super.setUp("http://www.wikipedia.org/", "*googlechrome usr/bin/chromium-browser --no-default-browser-check");

It throws null pointer exception:

java.lang.NullPointerException at org.openqa.selenium.server.browserlaunchers.GoogleChromeLauncher.createCommandArray(GoogleChromeLauncher.java:168)

Another workaround could be to make the chrome default by running it on terminal using '--make-default-browser' argument, but unfortunately this leads to 'xdg' fault:

xdg-settings: unknown desktop environment Segmentation fault

My question is: how to set up chromium browser in selenium test case with browser specific arguments like mentioned above or avoid default browser check?

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The main problem was to force Chromium start without any first run specific actions, either via Selenium or manually. I couldn't find the way to set up chromium browser in selenium test case with browser specific arguments, but I found a workaround to force Chromium to not ask me to "make Chromium the default browser".

For this:

  1. Go to Chromium profile dir (usually - /"current user"/.config/chromium/)
  2. Switch to "Default" dir
  3. Edit file "Preferences" by adding in "browser" section "check_default_browser": false,
  4. Go to /"current user"/.config/chromium and create empty file called "First Run"

This will force the Chromium start normally.

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