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I have created a perl based software to generate an adjacency matrix of a molecule. Now i want to use this adjacency matrix to develop a graph. for which I first have to convert the adjacency matrix to Path length graph. I am having trouble in generating the path length graph. Please help me..!!

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What are you having trouble with? Some specific code? The general algorithm? –  DeVadder Feb 17 at 10:05
If you have a weighted adjacency matrix, it's a representation of a weighted graph. Now you must find the matrix of paths lengths between all the vertexes. Use Floyd–Warshall algorithm. –  user4035 Feb 17 at 10:14
I have unweighted adjacency matrix for Undirected graph. Now i have to generate path length from this matrix. Please guide me on how to proceed further. –  user3318563 Feb 17 at 10:22
You can just multiply your adjacency matrix (lets say M1) with itself to get M2, in which every non-zero M2(i,j) means that there is a path of two steps between i and j. Multiply with M1 again to get the matrix of three step paths and so forth. However, as you have to do this as often as your matrix has dimensions and as matrix multiplication is very expensive, this may very well get out of hand really fast. Depending on the dimensions and your underlying problem, this may not be a good path to follow, –  DeVadder Feb 17 at 11:03

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