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I am trying to write bits of code in an html webpage, so that when the user clicks the mouse within my ClickBox, the X and Y coordinates are saved and then sent to my database.

But for now, the click handler... Here is how far I have got:

    <div id = "ClickBox" style = "left:100px;"> </div>

    $( document ).ready( function(e)
            $( '#ClickBox' ).click( function(e)
                alert( e.pageX + ' , ' + e.pageY );

<style type="text/css">
     #ClickBox { width:640px; height:480px; cursor:pointer; background:#2f2f2f; top:50px; color:#fff; font:bold 12px Arial; }

It works, but displays the click coordinates in a way that is obvious the origin is not the center or top left corner of my ClickBox. How do I modify these snippets, so that regardless of where my ClickBox is located on my webpage, I always get the precise coordinates with the center of my ClickBox being the coordinate origin?

Thanks in advance,

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Get the coordinates and measures of your clickbox as well – after that, it’s a couple of simple math operations. –  CBroe Feb 17 at 10:12

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Coordinates relative to top and left.

coordX = e.pageX - $('#clickbox').offset().left;
coordY = e.pageY - $('#clickbox').offset().top;

To get coordinates with CENTER of Clickbox as origin

coordX = e.pageX - $('#clickbox').offset().left - ($('#clickbox').width() * 0.5);
coordY = e.pageY - $('#clickbox').offset().top - ($('#clickbox').height() * 0.5);
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e.pageX and a.pageY are the position of four cursor in the page not a specific div.

but you can get the mouse position in the div removing the top and the left distance of your div from the body

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You need to remove the offset of the div:


$( '#ClickBox' ).click( function(e){
    var coordX = e.pageX - $(this).offset().left,
        coordY = e.pageY - $(this).offset().top;
    alert( coordX + ' , ' + coordY );
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Thank you, but do you know why in the demo the coordinates are displayed as integers, whereas in my browser as floating points, with quite a few decimal digits?! –  Joshua Feb 17 at 13:12

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