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I have to create a web service such that which upon called by an Ajax request must get an array of Json from a third party application using java.net classes. Now I am able to get the data from the third party and store it into a string buffer but I also need to pass this data as a JSON object back to the page from where the ajax call was made. Can some one please help me understand how should I convert a stringbuffer into an JSON object. To make the problem easy to understand I will rephrase it. I need to convert a array of JSON object which is stored as a StringBuffer into JSON object. Please help.

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Apologies for the not being clear. Although i have already solved the issue and cannot delete the question. i have flagged it so that the moderators could do that for me. Thanks. –  Saurabh Lodha Jun 17 at 21:48
That's OK, it's happened to me a time or two. Since you already solved you are good to go. –  George Bailey Jun 18 at 12:32

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A StringBuffer holds strings and not objects, therefore you could simply return the StringBuffer contents or wrap it in additional JSON markup.

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Thanks for your reply. I am using Spring for the webservic. When I return string, Spring consider tries to find a jsp page matching the string to pass and it does not pass the JSON –  Saurabh Lodha Feb 17 at 18:40

Saurabh, please check whether http://www.developerfeed.com/how-build-json-data-struct-using-stringbuffer helps you.

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Why downvote, my answer is pointing to useful resource. –  Nikhil Joshi Feb 18 at 10:35

There are various libraries available. I found jackson pretty easy. See here for example.

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Thanks for the reply. I am using jackson library. The jackson library needs me to store the data in a json file which then I can create an object of. I dont want to directly get a JSON from the String that I can pass. –  Saurabh Lodha Feb 17 at 18:42
That's not right. You can directly pass a string to Jackson api. You do not need to save in a file. –  gTito Feb 18 at 6:51

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