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After app open, and Press ON BLE Device.

centralManagerDidUpdateState function is working.

    CBUUID *uuid = [CBUUID UUIDWithString:@"8A1FEA41-3A2F-7860-568D-2325D6C31C91"];
    NSArray *services = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:uuid, nil];
    NSDictionary *options = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:NO] forKey:CBCentralManagerScanOptionAllowDuplicatesKey];
    [central scanForPeripheralsWithServices:services options:options];

Would not call to didDiscoverPeripheral: function.

-(void)centralManager:(CBCentralManager *)central didDiscoverPeripheral:(CBPeripheral *)peripheral advertisementData:(NSDictionary *)advertisementData RSSI:(NSNumber *)RSSI{

But if call nill value to scanForPeripheralsWithServices than will call to didDiscoverPeripheral: function.

[central scanForPeripheralsWithServices:nil options:options];

What is issue? Please.

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"Stupid" question: Is your peripheral advertising a service with this UUID (could be a annoying typo error) ? Note that it can have it, but not advertise it (check advertisementData in the didDiscoverPeripheral callback). –  Larme Feb 17 at 17:05
@Larme Can u show me example advertisementData? How to set it to didDiscoverPeripheral? –  Nag Raja Feb 20 at 11:53
Do [central scanForPeripheralsWithServices:nil options:options]; in -(void)centralManager:(CBCentralManager *)central didDiscoverPeripheral:(CBPeripheral *)peripheral advertisementData:(NSDictionary *)advertisementData RSSI:(NSNumber *)RSSI, log the advertisementData given. –  Larme Feb 20 at 11:54
Showed Log in debug advertisementData kCBAdvDataChannel = 38; kCBAdvDataIsConnectable = 1; kCBAdvDataLocalName = Keyfobdemo; kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs = ( "Unknown (<1803>)", "Unknown (<1802>)", "Unknown (<1804>)" ); i Cant see UUID. –  Nag Raja Feb 20 at 11:57
So it advertise that it has 3 services with UUID (1802, 1803 and 1804). With 4 hex characters, they are standards services. It does not advertise that it may have other services (custom or not, which are "hidden" unless you connect) Note that custom services need to have these 32 hex characters. So that's normal that your scan (with your NSArray of services) don't find anything. –  Larme Feb 20 at 12:01

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