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I am trying to run SIFT descriptor in windows. There are a large number of files, so instead of running one by one I am trying to run iteratively for all the files in a directory. I am using the following command:

 `for %i in (*.pgm) do siftWin32 <%~i.pgm >%~ni.key`

siftwin32 is a binary executable file and is present in the folder. I am in the current directory. I use dir to see if it is present and it is being listed. but when I run the command I am getting an error saying the system cannot find the file specified.

How to give the path in the command ?

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To assign this question to bash is not suitable. Any suggestions? Windows shell or powershell ? –  BMW Feb 17 at 11:15
@BMW windows shell –  Ks Aditya Feb 19 at 6:57

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The command is not failing because it cannot find siftWin32; it is failing because it cannot find the .pgm file for the redirection.

The %i variable already contains the .pgm extension, so it fails when you concatenate a second extension.

for %i in (*.pgm) do siftWin32 <"%i" >"%~ni.key"
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yeah i figured it out.. thanks –  Ks Aditya Feb 19 at 7:02

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