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I want to copy all the datagrid records into datatable without using any loop. For Ex:

Dim dt as New DataTable
dt = Datagrid1.Items

But this is not Working and giving an error message.

My Development platform is Visual studio 2010 and language is WPF with vb.net 4.0

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This is the way to transfer all the records from DATAGRID to DATATABLE without using the LOOP.

  Dim dt As New DataTable
  dt = CType(DataGrid1.ItemsSource, DataView).ToTable
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It depends how the datagrid is populated. If the DataContext property is set to a DataTable then you can simply just retrieve this value and cast to a DataTable.

There is no direct method to convert this to a DataTable from the DataGrid element.

If you wanted to do this manually, you would have to create an instance of the DataTable, then create the rows from the Items in the DataGrid using a loop.

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i just tested this and this works

Dim dt as New DataTable
dt = ctype(Datagrid1.Datasource, DataTable)
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You have to loop on DataGrid and add item to Datatable. below link may help.

DataGridView selected rows to DataTable

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