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Now and then when using GCC I get cryptic errors like this:

undefined reference to 'vtable for classname'

When it's not caused by a missing library, this not-very-descriptive error message always causes me to dig through code files line by line to find the missing implementation for a virtual function. Is there a way to make the linker tell me which virtual function it is missing, perhaps a flag or something? Or is it maybe telling me but I don't understand what it's saying?

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From gcc faq:

When building C++, the linker says my constructors, destructors or virtual tables are undefined, but I defined them

The ISO C++ Standard specifies that all virtual methods of a class that are not pure-virtual must be defined, but does not require any diagnostic for violations of this rule [class.virtual]/8. Based on this assumption, GCC will only emit the implicitly defined constructors, the assignment operator, the destructor and the virtual table of a class in the translation unit that defines its first such non-inline method.

Therefore, if you fail to define this particular method, the linker may complain about the lack of definitions for apparently unrelated symbols. Unfortunately, in order to improve this error message, it might be necessary to change the linker, and this can't always be done.

The solution is to ensure that all virtual methods that are not pure are defined. Note that a destructor must be defined even if it is declared pure-virtual [class.dtor]/7.

The solution that I adopt is search the classname and seek virtual methods declaration and check if there is any definition. I didn't found any other solution for this.

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