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I have to start a new project for managing data generated from workflow lab. The generated data is hierarchical and contains structured and none structured data. Large part of the data will be office file and images. Querying the content of office and pdf document is required.

I first started learning CMIS 1.1. But I can't find any implementation of it. Alfresco seems to be the best but do not implement CMIS 1.1 yet.

ModeShape looks ok. But I don't know if it's popular enough or not. I am afraid that JBoss will drop it as what they did with Seam 2.

RDBMS are not very good for managing and querying files.

So, what technology to choose for this type project?

I have a good experience in javaEE + RDBMS development.


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Generally a Document Management System would make an excellent choice for this solution.

Depending on the level of effort you plan on spending on the project, you may want to explore Alfresco's architecture and take advantage of the underlying Spring MVC Framework that supports the Alfresco Share web application.

From this post on the Alfresco Forums, Alfresco is CMIS 1.1 Compliant. You should be able to access CMIS 1.1 from Alfresco through the following URL:

For more information on Alfresco CMIS:

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I suggest using Apache Jackarabbit which is the reference implementation of the Java Content Repository specification (JSR-170).
It supports versionning, searching, transactions and is a suitable framework for Content Driven Application that rely on structured hierarchical data.
You may also take a look at Apache Sling, a framework for building web application based on Apache Jackarabbit.


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Actually RDBMS is a very good solution for binary data e.g. Oracle DBF it provides plsql content store API out of the box. CMIS protocol is similar to JCR API concepts but JCR is not necessary to implement CMIS. We normally store metadata on RDBMS and binary files on raw file system because good RDBMS implementation is too expensive. If licensing costs is not an issue for your project then good RDBMS should be fine for binary data too. See Apache Chemistry for CMIS, I use modified Fileshare repository implementation.

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I can only use postgres as RDBMS. Is Fileshare repository OK for production? – kem Feb 17 '14 at 15:03
Postgres stores all of blobs in the same pg_largeobject table and all of them will go to system table space, I think it is not usable as file system but you can mimic this table as user table and implement partitioning by yourself. Fileshare repository is not production ready too, it stores metadata on file system and it won't scale as content repository, you will need custom storage for metadata. – jbaliuka Feb 17 '14 at 17:29

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