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How do I create a stored procedure for mysql using VB .NET programmatically?


Apologize to be so brief. I have tried using ExecuteNonQuery provided by MySQL .NET Connector. It prompts me error. Maybe it's because I put "Delimiter $$"?

I know I can create using script (batch file) if I want to send it to my client (as commented below). But my objective is to keep MySQL password safe. So script is not the way.

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This looks like you're competing for least understandable question. – tylerl Feb 2 '10 at 9:00
Why would you want do create a stored procedure from VB.NET? Typically you would create the stored procedure during development and then execute it during run-time from VB.NET. – Jeremy Stein Feb 2 '10 at 16:39
@all : The reason for doing this is I want to create new procedure for my client. But I want to make it easy by creating a .NET application that will not intimidate my client. Also, to hide mysql password. – henry Feb 4 '10 at 2:08
  1. Connect to the database.
  2. Run the create procedure SQL command using ExecuteNonQuery
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Eh.. It gives me error. I believe it's due to "Delimiter $$". Or did I just do it wrong? – henry Feb 4 '10 at 2:06
Don't use the Delimiter command. – Jeremy Stein Feb 5 '10 at 2:47

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