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I am trying to run a grails command like "grails help" from a Grails application but all the tries I have done end up with "Error: Could not find or load main class org.codehaus.groovy.grails.cli.support.GrailsStarter".

Basically, I have tried

def p1 = "grails help".execute()

println "return code: ${ p1.exitValue()}"
println "stderr: ${p1.err.text}"
println "stdout: ${p1.in.text}"


Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime()
Process process = runtime.exec("grails help")

println "return code: ${ process.exitValue()}"
println "stderr: ${process.err.text}"
println "stdout: ${process.in.text}"

And finally:

def sout = new StringBuffer()
def serr = new StringBuffer()
final processBuilder = new ProcessBuilder()
processBuilder.directory(new File("/myFolder"))
println processBuilder.directory()
Process proc = processBuilder.start()
proc.consumeProcessOutput(sout, serr)

def status = proc.waitFor()
println 'sout: ' + sout
println 'serr: ' + serr

Of course, the "grails help" command is not the one I want to execute but fixing this one it will fix the one I need to run.

Any other ideas?

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If I create a new app with grails 2.3.5 (grails create-app script-test), then declare a controller (grails create-controller test.Run) and change it so it looks like:

package test

class RunController {
    def index() {
        def t = [ 'grails', 'help' ].execute().text
        render "<pre>$t</pre>"

Then run it with grails run-app, and go to localhost:8080/script-test/run, I get the grails help screen rendered as text to the web-page.

The problem you are going to have is that this won't work in production as you are probably going to deploy a war file, so grails won't be aware of where you are, or what you are doing (if indeed grails is installed on the server)

I think you need to re-think your strategy, whatever it is you are trying to do :-(

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But what about using the env var GRAILS_HOME? I found that processBuilder.command([env['GRAILS_HOME']+"/bin/grails","help"]) will make the trick. Don't you think it is going to work on production? I haven't still tested in prod. –  Fran García Feb 17 at 14:00
I use gvm to install grails, and so have grails on my path (and GRAILS_HOME set to /Users/me/.gvm/grails/current) so it works without any changes. It depends how you deploy to production. We deploy war files to a server with no knowledge of the grails binaries, so for us this wouldn't work –  tim_yates Feb 17 at 14:19
Thanks @tim_yates for your help! –  Fran García Feb 17 at 15:38
No worries :-) Good luck with it all :-) –  tim_yates Feb 17 at 15:43

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