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I Use this function to draw a custom UILabel. It works with iOS 6 and earlier but fails with iOS 7. If I replace CGContextSetStrokeColorWithColor with CGContextSetFillColorWithColor, it works with iOS7 but not with 6 and earlier.

void ShadowedStrokedText(CGContextRef ctx,NSString *text,CGPoint textStartPont,UIColor *textColor,UIFont *font,CGFloat lineWidth,UIColor * shadowColor,CGFloat shadowThickness){


CGContextSetLineJoin(ctx, kCGLineJoinRound);

CGContextSetLineWidth(ctx, lineWidth);

CGContextSetStrokeColorWithColor(ctx, textColor.CGColor);
//---this works with iOS7 
//CGContextSetFillColorWithColor(ctx, textColor.CGColor);
CGContextSetTextDrawingMode(ctx, kCGTextStroke);
CGContextSetShadowWithColor(ctx,CGSizeMake(0,0),shadowThickness,[shadowColor CGColor]);

[text drawAtPoint:textStartPont withFont:font];



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may be they decrepated that from iOS 7 –  jayraj m.g. Feb 17 '14 at 11:30
I checked. No deprecation, only different behavior. Thanks –  RobCat Feb 18 '14 at 13:23

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drawAtPoint:withFont: which you are using is deprecated in iOS7:


Draws the string in a single line at the specified point in the current graphics context using the specified font. (Deprecated in iOS 7.0. Use drawAtPoint:withAttributes: instead.)

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