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I want to copy an integer variable from user space to kernel space. Can anyone give me a simple example how to do this? I came to know that we can use get_user but i am unable to know how..

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IOCTL is a way to transfer data between user & kernel space. – Sunil Bojanapally Feb 17 '14 at 11:41

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Check man pages of copy_to_user and copy_from_user.
Write a simple kernel module, with read/write operations, and register and char device for them, something like /dev/sample.
Do an application write/read, on fd opened by this application.
Now you need to implement the mechanism for transferring this data to kernel space and read back whatever returned.
- In write you do a copy_from_user, before this check passed buffer is valid or not.
- In read you do a copy_to_user.
Make sure error conditions are taken care of, and open call implementation should keep track of how many opens are there, if you want to implement multiple open, and this count should be decremented, when application calls a close on opened FD.
Do you follow ?

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can you explain the procedure more detailed please. It's hard for me to understand this. Thanks – Mahdi Aug 29 at 3:19

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